Art Squad Sesh

A little background on me:

  • Born in Bordertown SA

  • Moved to Murray Bridge in 1997, attended St. Joseph’s Primary School in Murray Bridge and St. Francis De Sales College in Mount Barker for high school

  • Active in arts and youth groups - Murray Bridge Scout Group, Murray Bridge YAC (also MYGEN), Murray Bridge Community Concert Band, Murray Bridge Players and Singers

  • Went to the University of Adelaide, studying Bachelor of Music Composition with First Class Honours (2010-13) at Elder Conservatorium of Music.

  • Gap year in 2014

  • Went back to postgraduate studies in 2015, have recently completed my PhD.

My creative journey:

  • Music lessons in my youth - piano, guitar, voice, theory, drums. Active in school music ensembles.

  • Classical music background, but developed interest in contemporary experimental music in undergraduate years

    • Particular interest in working with ‘found’ sounds, or sounds from the natural world.

    • Sirenity (2012), for amplified string quartet

  • In 2012, received an Australia Council JUMP National Mentoring Scholarship (delivered by Carclew), allowing for mentoring with Gabriella Smart and Soundstream: Adelaide New Music in artistic direction and curation.

    • Led to ongoing connection with Soundstream, exposure to high profile composers and performers, experimental community projects and events

  • In 2015, two installation projects at Murray Bridge Regional Gallery

  • In 2017, received a Carclew Fellowship, Helpmann Academy Grant, and Murray Bridge Small Wins Grant to undertake 4 1/2 month trip of the US and Canada, called American Ascent. Allowed me to develop skills related to my practice and research, develop extensive international networks and create new work. A blog is available here.

  • During my PhD, multiple projects combining creative practice with ecological science

  • Current Work and Projects:

    • Working as a freelance artist, piano teacher and tutor at Adelaide Uni.

    • Musically directing Strictly Ballroom with Matt Byrne Media and Beauty and the Beast with Whyalla Players

    • Projects:


  • Mental health

    • Significant breakdowns in the past (each year of undergrad, major one in 2014)

    • Self-care: physical, mental, spiritual

      • Physical: eating well, sleeping enough, exercising regularly

      • Mental: mental health care, taking time out when necessary

      • Spiritual: connection with nature, Buddhist practice

  • Responsibilities: learning to delegate, allowing imperfection or failures

  • Compromise: in collaboration, learning to be flexible with project outcomes


  • Various types:

    • Teachers and Supervisors

    • Artists and Arts Administrators

    • Community Leaders

  • Direct advice, indirect observation of various competencies:

    • Artistic practice and craft

    • Communication

    • Collaboration and community engagement

    • Teaching methods

    • Leadership

    • Project Management

    • Business skills

      • Financial management (invoicing, taxation)

      • Marketing

      • Acumen


  • Previously, support of Centrelink (undergraduate years) and scholarship (postgraduate years) to support artistic work

  • Now, working casual/part time job alongside arts projects, with arts work to supplement.

  • Arts work is diverse:

    • Composer/Sound Artist

    • Performer and Accompanist

    • Musical Theatre

    • Interdisciplinary arts projects

    • Community based projects

    • Writing

  • Looking to broaden from only service-based business to also goods-based.

    • Digital download streaming

    • Apps