ConceRT Works


Chamber Works

American Arbor (2017-19)

for solo piano (in progress)

Before C (2018)

for mass piano ensemble

A Day In An Alleyway (2018)

for string quartet and pre-recorded track

Silent Succession (2017)

for mixed ensemble and pre-recorded track

Pacific (2017)

for solo piano and pre-recorded track

Sirenity (2013)

for amplified string quartet

Carry On (. . . . .) (2013)

for solo piano or solo carillon

Orchestral Works

Sub-stance (2013)

for wind orchestra

Vocal Music

Poem For My Love (2014)

for solo voice and piano

13 Haikus (2014)

for solo voice and piano

Inscription (2013)

for vocal trio, or solo voice and pre-recorded track