Soundstream 2019 Emerging Composers’ Forum - Portfolio

The following are examples of my work, selected for the ECF application.

Headphone listening is recommended, as Mobilong is recorded in binaural (surround sound) format.

Sirenity (2013)

for amplified string quartet. Performed by the Australian String Quartet, 15 October 2013 at Elder Hall, Adelaide.

Score is available here.

Sirenity explores the mythology of the siren - hybrid woman with either bird-like or mer-like physical qualities, whose beautiful voices lured the all-too-easily corruptible minds of sailors to their peril. Channelling spectralist and minimalist compositional techniques, the work retains this dyadic relationship of characters: the sirens through humpback whale song and the sailor/victim in the airborne caws and calls of the wandering albatross (both sourced from recordings), with the former drawing the latter to its impending doom; the aftermath decaying back to the torrents of the sea.

Mobilong (2016-8)

for string ensemble and ambisonics. Presented at Immersed: A Concert of New Surround Sound Works at The University of Adelaide, 19 May 2018, and the Murray Bridge Town Hall, 3 June 2018.

Instrumental score is available here.

Comprised of field recordings from Mobilong Swamp and string transcriptions of bird song from surrounding, Mobilong follows the path of a sound walk extending from an inland cliff face to the riverfront of the Murray at dusk.  Passing through different habitats - open fields, saltbush flats, eucalypt forests and riverfront swampland - the dusk chorus of crickets, birds and frogs reveals in miniature the area’s dynamic ecosystem through its acoustic activity.