A Day In An Alleyway

Inspired by the concept of Sonic Ruptures (coined by sound artist Jordan Lacey), sound installations creatively responding to urban soundscapes and environments, A Day In An Alleyway captures in miniature the evolution of the Adelaide CBD soundscape over a 24 hour period.

Comprised of field recordings of Featherstone Place and samples taken from around the city, the subtle activities of the night shift to the daily hustle and bustle, with the dawn and dusk chorus of local birdlife, and fluctuation in foot traffic, vehicle movement and air conditioner drones as people go about their daily business.

A Day In An Alleyway was developed during an Adelaide City Library Composer-in-Residence period in March 2017, and exhibited as part of the Adelaide City Council’s Soundscape Program.

More on this work’s sister installation, Featherstone Place, can be found here.

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